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Are you feeling heavy and bogged down wishing for a lighter load and a spring in your step again? 

Would you like more energy and to feel young again?

Are you feeling tired, depressed, emotionally drained, or physically spent?

Have you ever wished you could press the RESET button for your body, mind and spirit just like you do for your phone or computer? 

Would you like more mental clarity and motivation to make healthier and more balanced choices and thereby being able to move forward in your life?

Is there a dream you would like to pursue but lack energy, strength and motivation to that end?

Do you suffer from any health challenges that you need help healing from?

If you said yes to any of those questions, rest assured.  Nature’s Healing Sanctuary can help!  It is our passion to enlighten and assist those who have been challenged in any way physically, emotionally or spiritually.  Even if there is not a specific health issue you suffer from, we enjoy providing a time way from your busy life to simply help you turn over a new leaf and finding some fresh energy to fully thrive again!

Elizabeth and her staff at Nature’s Healing Sanctuary will guide you on the path to complete restoration. 

At Nature’s Healing Sanctuary we are passionate about you finding your choice to embrace vibrant health physically, emotionally and spiritually! As you enjoy the love and support you will find here, you will be cleansing ALL the elimination channels of the body. You will cleanse your colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, lymph, blood and fascial (connective tissue) system and open those up so that your body will be able to eliminate waste and assimilate nutrition more efficiently. This in turn boosts your immune system by strengthening the defenses your body has been given against disease and dysfunction on all levels.

While opening all eight of the elimination channels, your body will simultaneously be inundated with very concentrated and ideal nutrition! With organic and wildcrafted herbs, special cleansing drinks, and other natural remedies for detoxification and rejuvenation like poultice drinks and Russian Steam Baths along with dry skin brushing to remove dead skin cells and open the pours. Your immune system will be enhanced as you enjoy the delicious, organic live juices and savor the gourmet, whole plant food meals. 

Hands on manual therapy called Myofascial Release will be used to release the tightness and restrictions that have caused pain and discomfort as well as held toxicity in place in your body. This will open your tissue to assimilate the nourishment it desperately needs to thrive! 

For our body to heal and rebuild strength, our cells need to be regenerated! Optimum cell regeneration can occur when the body is free from an overload of toxicity and the tension it carries is released. Disease is caused by blockages whether they are in the body or the mind!

The National Digestive Disease Information Clearinghouse states that three bowel movements a day to three a week are normal, while the FDA reports that the average American male may be carrying an unbelievable 5 to 22 lbs. of fecal matter in him on any given day. The European Journal of Cancer reported in 2004 that constipation raises your risk of colon cancer. But few people realize that there are two types of constipation. The first type is infrequent elimination or when you cannot have a bowel movement. The other type of constipation, of which most people are unfamiliar, is when the colon wall becomes encrusted with hardened mucus and fecal matter narrowing the aperture of the colon and resulting in pencil-like stools. This is called mucovicidosis or intestinal mucin, and can have the consistency of truck tire rubber and be the home of parasites.

As the director of Nature’s Healing Sanctuary, I have witnessed many people pass black, hard ropes in only a few days. I explain to every guest the power of colon cleansing for removal of the old material from the colon that can be years old. One nurse gasped: “I have been a nurse for 19 years and I have never seen anything like this pass from a human body.” So why should we cleanse? I think the answer is obvious. When the body takes in toxins faster than it can eliminate them, symptoms develop producing disease. In order to prevent and reverse disease, we must FIRST detoxify all the elimination organs of the body: the bowel, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, blood, and lymph, and regenerate the body.

Your immune system will be enhanced as you enjoy the delicious, organic live juices and savor the gourmet, whole plant food meals. We will go on adventures into nature together while getting our exercise, soaking in the sunshine and the many healing minerals and electrons of the earth. During our myofascial stretching classes, you will learn how to relieve pain and tension in your body as well as tune in at a deeper level to your internal environment.

This is the foundational program for healing. When the toxins are removed from the body and tissues, WHAT NEEDS TO HEAL HEALS. Many different symptoms that you would never associate with a toxic condition of the colon improve or disappear.

A combination of external and internal remedies are used to give your whole body the greatest chance to heal itself! Nature’s way is the best way! You were created to thrive!  Let us assist your process of embracing life to the fullest again!

We offer a 5 Day Program or a 10 day program.  In the 10 day we add more remedies and your body has more time to restore, heal and regenerate into a
whole new place!  The 5 day is a true jumpstart to a new you!  And for both, if you maintain the remedies at home, you will gain the best results possible! While at Nature’s Healing Sanctuary, you will experience the remedies and learn how to implement them at home as well.  We believe in truly empowering our participants with the tools they need to main the benefits they gain while present with us.

If you are interested in joining a small group cleansing/detoxing retreat and would like to find out when the next opening is, please contact me.

Download: NHS Health Evaluation PDF